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Premier Eco Steam was a startup based on their bleeding-edge steam cleaning technology created by Lamborghini.

This responsive site includes the latest features to grab attention and leads. The most difficult task of this project was creating content about a relatively new technology.

We decided to do a case study because we saw results fast once we started working on the site’s SEO.

Some of the things we focused on in this project were:

  • Responsive Design
  • Leads the industry in design concept & user experience
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google My Business Optimized


Car Detailing SEO Case Study


Premier Eco Steam uses the newest steam cleaning technology created by Lamborghini.

It’s a very new and effective method of car detailing and sanitizing, however it is a bit more expensive than typical car detailing services. They are also a completely mobile company. Without a location it made local listings very difficult.

We built the site a year ago and it was essentially an online business card. Without content and optimizations the site would never be able to compete with other car detailing services in the Orlando area that have been in business for years.

In the initial meeting with we discussed goals. The owner, Mr. Rose, explained he tried traditional methods of advertising, such as visiting car dealerships and other businesses with flyers. Mr. Rose also demoed his service to select dealerships.

He offered commission to people who brought him business. This cut into his already slim margins, but he was betting that customers would love the service and come back.

Mr. Rose was extremely busy. Not only running this business, but several others, all while maintaining a typical 9-5 corporate job. Therefore, since all the previous tactics and lack of time he knew he had to reach out for help to generate businesses.


  • Increase Organic Reach
  • Educate people about the new technology
  • Get in the Google Local Map Pack without a location
  • Generate more Qualified Leads


  • Create content to educate potential clients/li>
  • Rank as many new keywords as possible
  • Optimize Google My Business & organize it properly
  • More call-to-actions to invoke more leads
  • Contact influencers to backlink to the generated articles


SEO Results

seo case study car detail

In the first 3 months we nearly quadrupled their organic traffic.

Security was implemented on the site to reduce bot spamming. Leads were highly qualified.

Keyword Tracking


Watch the video above to see just some of the keywords that we started ranking for on page 1.

Below are screenshots of keyword ranking using the professional SEO tool Ahrefs. Our main goal was to increase organic reach.

We did this by creating several pages and posts of content educating users about the benefits of their new method of eco-friendly steam cleaning that doesn’t use chemicals.

Before Keyword Ranking

After Ranking Keywords

You can see above that in just a couple months we saw a 75% growth in keywords ranking in the top 5 pages.

Below you can see that before August wasn’t ranking for many keywords, nor were many pages ranking in the top 5 pages.

After a couple of months of optimizations, suddenly it started to pay off.

In just 3 weeks we saw a significant increase in keyword ranking, and therefore organic traffic.

Since we started tracking calls we noticed that more calls were coming in as well too from the site. Calls came in more than lead forms, so we made the phone number button more prominent around the website.


before SEO keyword researchAfter


There were several difficulties with this project that needed to be overcome. First and foremost was the budget. Premier Eco Steam is a locally focused family run startup without a physical location.

That being said, although there are several obstacles when running a startup we have seen steady improvement and growth.

The owner no longer offers commissions to friends in order to bring clients. Since we started tracking calls from the website the quantity of leads have improved along with the quality.

Premiere Eco Steam is also adding more services such as ceramic coating for cars in Orlando. This, along with their other services, should allow them to provide more services. When offering more services it will increase their online visibility, which in turn increases revenue.

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