Cosmetic Doctor Marketing Campaign

Dr. Nina worked with Write Good Code to develop a mobile-first website with an effective content strategy in order to avoid running paid ads indefinitely.

This case study covers the issues involved with marketing for cosmetic doctors in the EU and how those issues were resolved.

The Problems

Dr. Nina is a cosmetic doctor based out of Göteborg, Sweden who focuses on services such as lip fillers and botox treatments. Social media was one of the few avenues of advertising the clinic took. They needed a mobile-first website to provide information about all their services available, show prices and guide patients to make appointments.

  • Fully align a new website with their social media platforms to harmonize a complete environment.
  • Create a simple, yet complete, website by demonstrating Dr. Nina’s unique selling proposition on a sound SEO foundation.
  • Craft a fully responsive content solution that is scalable.
  • Develop a branding strategy that clearly demonstrates the high-quality specialized treatments that are provided by Dr. Nina.
  • Deploy cost effective Google Ad campaigns that comply with strict EU laws.
  • Track and analyze all data to leverage it for organic growth.


The SEO & Ad Campaign Results

cosmetic doctor SEO

The site was completed by February 2021 in approximately 4 months. Careful consideration was put into the branding strategy based on the target audience.

A Google Ads campaign was implemented around 1 main service. Dr. Nina’s office saw an immediate increase in the number of new patients once the campaign kicked-off.

The Google Ads campaign began in March 2021 and ran until February 2022. A consistent ad spend budget was applied throughout the duration of the campaign.

May 2021 saw the highest number of users from paid ads, which made up 67% of total traffic.

November 2021 saw the most total traffic before ads ended in February 2022. During that month paid traffic accounted for 34% of total traffic.


Not to say that the ads campaign was not a success. Click through rates (CTR) were over 3x the standard rate at 7%. The Google Ads campaign was a huge hit.

As successful as the Google Ad campaign was, Dr.Nina and her partners wanted to advertise services that are not permitted by Google in the EU. Therefore, a decision was made to omit ad spend and focus solely on organic traffic.

The results have shown that the heavy hitters in the industry are given a run for their money in a competitive industry. Dr. Nina continues to work with Write Good Code for marketing services for the Göteborg clinic as well as other clinics opened in other locations.

swedish cosmetic doctor web development

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