Industrial Equipment SEO & Website Design – Case Study

Initially this was a website redesign project for R. Williams & Associates who are in the industrial ventilation equipment industry. supplies large commercial and industrial ventilation equipment to a targeted audience around Chicago, Illinois and parts of Wisconsin & Indiana.

Their responsive site includes the latest features to grab attention, but more importantly – leads. The site was created working alongside the VP of R. Williamson & Associates to create & exceeded what was initially envisioned.

  • Responsive Design
  • Leads the industry in design concept & user experience
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google My Business Optimized
  • Google Ads

SEO Case Study on Industrial Equipment Supplier


The website was completed in approximately 3 months, finishing in the summer of 2019. R. Williamson & Associates had signed an SEO contract with a large national marketing agency prior to contacting us about an industrial equipment website for their company.

Hearing that they only wanted a website was unfortunate for us. However, we were still very happy to work on developing their website. The site has over 50 pages of content, which was mostly written by the vice president, Mr. Scott Williamson.

Before the SEO contract with the initial agency expired in June 2020, Mr. Williamson cancelled their 12 month contract a month early. He then hired Write Good Code to handle their SEO, Google Ads & Google My Business.


  • Reduce PPC Ad Spending
  • Reduce Spam
  • Increase Organic Reach
  • Get in the Google Local Map Pack covering a large area
  • Generate more Qualified Leads


  • Generate useful content
  • Rank as many new keywords as possible
  • Update the layout & organization of pages & website structure
  • Increase site load time
  • Target mobile only call ads in a specific targeted geo-location
  • Optimize Google My Business & organize it properly
  • More call-to-actions to invoke more leads
  • Contact influencers to backlink to the generated articles

Results 2 Months Later

seo traffic case study results

In the first 2 months we nearly doubled their organic traffic. We did this while reducing their monthly ad spending.
Our main objective was to take as much space as possible on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.

Security was implemented on the site to reduce bot spamming as well, so leads were overall more qualified.

In the initial meeting with Mr. Williamson we discussed his goals. He explained which products were most important. One of which was air curtains of various types, designs, and for many different applications. It was our main objective.

Click below to see a quick video of a Google search for “industrial air curtains”. The video shows the organic search result after 3 months of SEO from Write Good Code. Keep in mind the search results are in Chicago, which is the target audience.

Technical SEO

We also knew we had to improve site speed.

seo before optimization speed result

We optimize websites for speed while developing them. Optimizations such as image compression, implementing CDN’s, page caching, etc.

seo optimization on page after results

However, like a car, websites need maintenance to remain competitive with top sites like Menards and Home Depot.

Mr. Williamson reached out to us for custom development about 7 months after we completed his site. He let us know he would hire us once his contract was finished. We went ahead and did some long overdue website maintenance along with the custom development work that was requested.

You can see we reduced page loading time by 50%! Google, as well as users, like fast loading websites.

Now that the site loaded fast, we could focus on other technical aspects that had issues.

Keyword Tracking

Below are screenshots of the keyword results using SEO tools.

After 11 months working with a large marketing agency you can see the results above.

The results are after a few months of SEO with us below.

When restructuring the organization of a website it will drop in rankings. Truth be told, we started in July, but didn’t see any real improvements until early September.

We were able to get dozens of keywords ranked very quickly. has been online for over 10 years. Google trusted the site.

That being said, the site was simply missing parts for it to rank, such as proper structure, organization, and content. These are the things we knew were missing and implemented them immediately.

Google Business Profile Optimized

Google My Business (GMB) is extremely powerful if optimized correctly.

The GMB account was taken care of in house by the executive assistant at R. Williamson & Associates. They didn’t have any training with it. Nor did they understand the capabilities of Google local search results.

Matter of fact, Mr. Williamson rhetorically asked why the previous agency had not suggested & implemented the strategy once he saw the results we were got.


Below are the results in the last 3 months, or quarter, since we started working on their local SEO.

To simplify: the chart shows that over 1300 local people, with a desire to purchase their products, were exposed to that perhaps weren’t aware of them before.


This case study was done with a small data sample done in a period of 3 months. was a unique case because the site had been online for a long time. However, it was never truly SEO optimized.

The site still has a lot of work to be done. We focused on the most important parts for the client first, while also going after the low hanging fruit to boost the overall visibility & ranking of the site.

For example, many of the manufacturing pages, the pages that discuss which manufacturers they represent, rank on page 1. Right below the actual manufacturer.

We are confident that if we consistently continue on this trajectory that R. Williamson & Associates will reach all the goals we set forth.

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