HVAC Equipment Supplier E-Commerce Website Redesign

A website redesign of Heinlein Supply took place in 2021. They are an OEM HVAC equipment wholesaler based out of Chicago, Illinois, and ship nationwide.

The main objectives for the HeinleinSupply.com project were:

hvac e-commerce website design development

The owners of Heinlein Supply were very hands-on throughout the website redesign process. They provided much of their own custom graphics while providing content in others.

Custom forms were carefully compiled with the potential customer in mind. This was implemented in order to get HVAC equipment quotes out as quickly and accurately as possible.

HVAC E-Commerce Capability

One objective of Heinleinsupply.com was to showcase many of the more popular OEM HVAC products they officially provide.

In the beginning, the site planned to be 12 pages. However, after careful consideration, management decided that laying the groundwork for many additional products would be beneficial and future proof their site should they decide to add more products and features.

An added benefit would be to discover which products were sought after.

Armed with that data they could target the products with a higher success rate and achieve a higher return on ad spend ROAS.

In the end, over 50 products were added with unique content and brochures.

The custom e-commerce site works much like a typical e-commerce website that can sort and filter products based on manufacturers, HVAC equipment types and models.

This proved to be advantageous should they decide to implement online payment functionality in the future.


E-commerce On-Page SEO

On-page SEO was implemented for over 65 pages. The foundation of SEO was set for the website so that in the future should they decide to scale their business it could be more accurately done with the aforementioned data collected.

The user interface and experience (UI & UX) was given careful consideration so users have a seamless user experience for finding specific OEM HVAC products and requesting quotes.


Heinleinsupply.com website redesign ended up positioning them with a top tier website among their competitors.

Write Good Code also provided the management team with custom videos to explain how to add and manage products in the future.

With easy-to-use search functionality to find the right product quickly, and also customized forms so vendors can receive quotes quickly, this site will remain ahead of the competition for quite some time.

With creativity and passion, we strive to elevate every brand we touch.