Industrial Equipment SEO & Website Design Case Study: Boosting Organic Traffic by 239% and Quadrupling Clicks


R. Williamson & Associates (RWA), an industrial ventilation equipment supplier based in the suburbs of Chicago, approached Write Good Code (WGC) to redesign their website.

The initial project scope was limited to a website redesign. The domain had been live for over 15 years. WGC completed the redesign within 2 months for the approximately 30-page site.


After the website redesign, RWA signed a one-year contract with a large agency to handle their SEO.

However, after 6 months, RWA was dissatisfied with the agency’s results, having generated no sales from the website during that period.


Seeking a solution, RWA reached out to WGC for assistance. WGC proposed a comprehensive strategy to improve RWA’s online presence and generate more qualified leads:

  • ✅ Generate useful content
  • ✅ Rank related keywords
  • ✅ Update the layout & organization of pages & website structure
  • ✅ Increase site speed
  • ✅ Target mobile-only call ads in a specific targeted geo-location
  • ✅ Optimize Google Business
  • ✅ Conduct outreach to publications and promote WeSellFans.com

Convinced by WGC’s approach, RWA terminated their contract with the large agency 3 months early and enlisted WGC to implement their strategy.


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WGC quickly got to work, organizing the site’s content and making it easy for users to navigate, while also ensuring that Google understood the site’s topic and built topical authority.

They created over 60 pages of researched, human written content in a short period, helping users solve their ventilation issues and building a top-of-funnel strategy.

Using data from the content, WGC identified products in high demand but underserved in the market and prioritized them.

They cross-referenced this data with Google Ads to confirm demand and conducted content outreach and PR campaigns to inform people and search engines that RWA provided these products.


The impact of WGC’s strategy was immediate.

In the first two months, RWA’s organic traffic nearly doubled, while their monthly ad spend decreased. WGC also implemented security measures to prevent bot spamming, resulting in more qualified leads and reduced spam clicks in Google Ads.

WGC identified a specific air curtain as their flagship product, and  yielded impressive results. After 3 months of SEO, a Google search for “industrial air curtains” showed WGC’s success in targeting the Chicago audience.

Key results:

Last year was our best year. The results have been fast and dramatic. It's the most sales our company has ever done.

Key Takeaways

  • ✅ A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, PPC, and influencer outreach is essential for achieving long-term results
  • ✅ Targeted content and keyword optimization can significantly increase organic traffic
  • ✅ Data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization are vital for maximizing results
  • ✅ A user-friendly website design and mobile optimization are crucial for success


By partnering with Write Good Code and implementing a comprehensive SEO and website design strategy, R. Williamson & Associates was able to overcome their challenges and achieve remarkable results.

The company experienced significant growth in organic traffic, clicks, and sales, solidifying its position as a leader in the industrial ventilation equipment market.

As of 2024, Write Good Code continues to drive growth for R. Williamson & Associates through SEO, PPC, and Local SEO.

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