Industrial Equipment SEO & Website Design – Case Study

Industrial Equipment SEO & Website Design – Case Study

Initially, this was a website redesign project for R. Williams & Associates, who are in the industrial ventilation equipment industry.


Wesellfans.com supplies large commercial and industrial ventilation equipment to a targeted audience around Chicago, Illinois, and parts of Wisconsin & Indiana.


Their responsive site includes the latest features to grab attention and, more importantly, leads.


The site was created working alongside the VP of R. Williamson & Associates to create & exceed what was initially envisioned.

SEO Case Study on Industrial Equipment Supplier


The website was completed in approximately 3 months. Before R. Williamson & Associates contacted us about a website for their industrial equipment business, they had signed an SEO contract with a large national marketing agency.

Hearing that they only wanted a website was unfortunate for us. However, we were still very happy to work on developing their website.

The site has over 50 pages of content, which was mostly written by the vice president, Mr. Scott Williamson.

Before the SEO contract with the initial agency expired in June 2020, Mr. Williamson canceled their 12-month contract a month early. He then hired Write Good Code to handle their SEO, Google Ads, & Google My Business.




In the first two months, we nearly doubled their organic traffic. We did this while reducing their monthly ad spending.

Our main objective was to take up as much space as possible on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.

Security was added to the site to stop spamming by bots, so leads were generally more qualified. Also reduced spam clicks in Google Ads.

In the initial meeting with Mr. Williamson, we discussed his goals. He explained which products were most important. One of which was air curtains of various types, designs, and applications. It was our main objective.

Click below to see a quick video of a Google search for “industrial air curtains.” The video shows the organic search result after 3 months of SEO from Write Good Code.

Keep in mind the search results are in Chicago, which is the target audience.

With creativity and passion, we strive to elevate every brand we touch.