Rocketing to the Top: How Digital Marketing Elevated Knape Associates


Knape Associates, a Houston-based industrial ventilation distributor with over a century of engineering experience, struggled to attract online leads despite their strong industry reputation.

Their outdated website generated 1-2 leads per month, causing them to miss out on valuable opportunities in an increasingly digital marketplace.

They also faced a competitive market where search engines favored e-commerce stores, which they lacked.


Knape Associates partnered with Write Good Code to:

  1. 1. Establish a strong online presence that reflected their expertise and capabilities
  2. 2. Increase organic traffic and improve search rankings for relevant keywords
  3. 3. Generate more qualified leads through their website
  4. 4. Educate their audience on their capabilities


Write Good Code developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to Knape Associates’ needs:

  1. 1. Website Redesign: Migrated to a new platform to improve speed and reliability. Refined site architecture and navigation to create an intuitive user experience.
  2. 2. SEO Optimization: Conducted keyword research and optimized on-page elements, including titles, meta descriptions, and header tags. Developed targeted content highlighting Knape’s expertise in serving Houston’s industrial sector.
  3. 3. Content Creation: Produced blog posts, case studies, and landing pages to showcase Knape’s knowledge and attract organic traffic.
  4. 4. Rapid Content Creation: Peter Knape, VP of Knape Associates, would attend conventions and learn about new markets. He would briefly explain these new topics to Write Good Code, who would research and create content around the new field within a week.
  5. 5. Product-Specific Promotion: Knape Associates would identify specific products they wanted to promote. Write Good Code would create content around these products, often outranking the manufacturers for their own products in search results.

Challenges and Solutions

One challenge encountered during the project was organizing Knape’s extensive product catalog in a user-friendly manner. Write Good Code’s team created a custom product filter and search functionality to simplify navigation and improve the user experience.


Within 3 months of launching the revamped website, Knape Associates achieved remarkable results:

  • – Secured the #1 position for lucrative industrial keywords
  • – 850% increase in leads in just 4 months
  • – 300% growth in organic traffic
  • – Consistently generating 1 new lead per working day on average

Key Takeaways

  • – A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that combines SEO, content creation, and website optimization is crucial for success in today’s digital landscape.
  • – Data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization ensure the best possible results.
  • – Partnering with a skilled digital marketing agency can dramatically improve online visibility and lead generation.

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