Learn How an Industrial Ventilation Distributor Rocketed to the Top of Houston Search with Digital Marketing

With over a century of engineering experience under their belt, Knape Associates’ pedigree of knowledge and success was unparalleled in Houston and in their industry. But even with their skills, they struggled to attract leads online.

Their outdated website wheezed along, generating only a lead or two a month. Without an online presence, Knape was missing out on countless opportunities.

By teaming up with our agency, Knape Associates was able to breathe new life into their web presence. We combined their engineering expertise with targeted digital strategies to skyrocket their search rankings. 

Within months, Knape climbed to the top of Houston’s local searches. But even more impressively, their improved online visibility began attracting international leads as well.

Our dynamic approach helped Knape Associates go from wheezing to winning, opening up many opportunities locally, nationally, and globally.

Challenges: A Strong Reputation Didn’t Translate Online

Knape’s seasoned team delivered quality solutions time and again. Their reputation spread through word-of-mouth referrals. But business was shifting online, and Knape’s website didn’t reflect their capabilities.

Stuck in the early 2000’s, their site was painfully slow and tough to navigate. The cluttered pages failed to convey Knape’s strengths or expertise. Without an overhaul, Knape would continue losing prospects to digital-savvy competitors.

Our challenge was crafting a website worthy of Knape’s pedigree while optimizing it for online visibility and conversions.

Solutions: Fusing Legacy Knowledge with Digital Best Practices

Our team provided the expertise and tools to kickstart Knape’s online presence. While preserving their engineering heritage, we integrated data-driven best practices.

Migrating to a new platform solved their speed and reliability struggles. Refined architecture and navigation removed friction, creating an intuitive user experience.

Targeted content and SEO highlighted Knape’s value in serving Houston’s industrial sector. We ensured their know-how shined through while making the site easy to find for prospective clients.

Within months, the results spoke volumes. From just 1-3 monthly leads, Knape’s phone now rang daily with qualified opportunities. By blending legacy and technology, we successfully established their brand online.

Spotlighting Skills to Fuel 300% Organic Traffic Growth

industrial seo resultsJust 3 months after launching their revamped website, Knape Associates rocketed to the #1 position for lucrative industrial keywords.

This surge in visibility fueled an astounding 850% increase in leads in just 4 months. This growth shows no signs of slowing.

With their newfound online presence, Knape now consistently captures, on average, a new lead every working day.

But greater than the numbers was Knape embracing their digital potential. Our work proved that, with the right strategy, over a century of expertise could thrive online.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Knape Associates to rocket them to the top.

With creativity and passion, we strive to elevate every brand we touch.