Boutique Law Firm Skyrockets Online Presence with SEO


B&T Legal, a Denver-based boutique law firm with 15 years of experience serving startups and tech companies, recognized the untapped potential of having a strong online presence to attract new clients and showcase their expertise in the digital age.

Recognizing the need to adapt, B&T Legal partnered with Write Good Code (WGC) to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to showcase their expertise and generate high-quality leads.

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We set out to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would:

  • – Establish B&T Legal as the go-to law firm for startups and tech companies in Denver
  • – Drive targeted organic traffic to the new website
  • – Generate high-quality leads and increase conversions
  • – Identify the most effective marketing channels


Competitive Landscape

Differentiating B&T Legal in a highly competitive legal market with 9 well-established law firms in Denver that had been investing in PR and long-term SEO or had been operating for over a decade, with the last new competitor website registered in 2016.


Overcoming search engines’ initial trust limitations for new websites, which restrict visibility and traffic while competitors maintain their strong online presence.

User Experience

Designing a website with a structure and navigation that effectively highlighted B&T Legal’s services while ensuring potential clients could easily find the information they needed.

Unique Selling Proposition

Developing original content that showcased B&T Legal’s unique subscription-based pricing model and addressed the target audience’s specific needs and concerns.

Adaptable Strategies

Adjusting marketing strategies after discovering that certain channels, like Google Local Service Ads, were less effective for a boutique law firm, emphasizing the importance of continuously optimizing efforts to maximize ROI.


WGC took a multifaceted approach to elevate B&T Legal’s online presence:

  • – Collaborated closely with B&T Legal to create a user-friendly, informative website that directly addressed the pain points and unique legal needs of startups and tech companies
  • – Conducted extensive research to develop authoritative content that resonated with the target audience
  • – Prioritized clarity and relevance over corporate jargon, establishing the firm as a trusted authority in its niche

To further enhance B&T Legal’s visibility and credibility, WGC implemented a targeted outreach strategy.

This approach focused on local organizations and non-profits, helping build brand recognition, secure high-quality backlinks, and position the firm as an engaged local community member.


The strategy and execution yielded impressive results:

  • – While organic clicks remained stagnant for the first 4 months due to the new website’s initial sandbox period, B&T Legal experienced a remarkable 129% growth in clicks from April to May, with click growth continuing to increase in the following months
  • – 32% average increase in impressions month-over-month, demonstrating consistent growth in brand visibility
  • – Top rankings on the first page for high-value, targeted keywords, including “startup lawyer,” “tech lawyer,” and “outside general counsel,” within 4 months of launching the SEO campaign
  • – After linking building and outreach, key service pages achieved first-page rankings within a month of creation, driving targeted traffic to the website
  • – Average visitor duration of over 1.5 minutes, indicating high engagement and contributing to improved search engine rankings
  • – Sustained, long-term improvements in organic traffic and impressions, achieved through white hat SEO techniques that prioritize compliance with Google’s guidelines, ensuring ongoing success and mitigating the risk of penalties
law firm organic keywords

These results showcase their ability to develop and execute a highly effective SEO strategy tailored to B&T Legal’s unique needs and target audience.

By creating valuable content, building high-quality backlinks, and optimizing the website for search engines and user experience, Write Good Code has positioned B&T Legal for lasting success in the competitive legal market.

"They did a phenomenal job on my law firm website. They are a true experts and acted as a dedicated partner in completing this project on time, within budget, and beyond expectations as far as quality of work product."

Elevate Your Law Firm’s Online Presence Write Good Code’s success in propelling B&T Legal to the forefront of their market demonstrates their ability to craft effective, results-driven digital marketing strategies for law firms looking to thrive in the modern, competitive landscape.

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