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Security Camera Installation & Supplier SEO


SEO for a CCTV & web camera security service for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. The site was coded in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Therefore, we had to manually add all the metadata and configure the site using an old way of writing code. We also added Google Analytics plus Schema and properly submitted their site, so they rank and appear more prominent in their target location.


The site was recently redesigned by another developer prior to working with us. The site had responsiveness issues. We coordinated efforts with the web developers and owner of the site to make sure the website looked great on all devices.

SEO cctv webcam company

SEO for the webcam security company was a success. They were easily able to identify more opportunities for keywords and add different products that potential security camera customers were searching for. They now carry those products thanks to an optimized SEO website.


The website is now SEO optimized to target customers looking for web cameras for their specific application.

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