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Free SEO Audit

One of the first things that needs to be done is a review of your site to create a detailed report of your traffic.

We use premium tools such as Ahrefs to help determine if your site is suffering from any search engine ranking issues.

Once your site has been thoroughly analyzed, we compare it to your competitors. This will give you an idea of opportunities that will help you fill the gaps that they are not, which in turn increases your search engine rankings.

Of course, all this data will be given to you and explained in plain English.

After that, we will conduct an extensive on-page audit of all the pages on your website.

This is where we usually find issues related to your content, website structure, user experience, URL Structure, duplicate content, internal links, coding errors, meta descriptions, and any broken links on your website.

When we perform a site audit we research any content issues that may be causing your pages to underperform.

Backlink Auditing

After the on-page audit of the site is done, we then perform a backlink audit. We manually hand review the links pointing to your website. Often times we find spammy websites that link to your website.

This is not good and Google doesn’t like this. We then make recommendations and even create a disavow file (tell search engines to ignore the link) and upload it for you to Google. 

All this is done to make your site appear trustworthy and therefore rank higher.

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Getting your free SEO audit is a fundamental factor in order to understand how to rank higher. How will you know what you're doing right or wrong if you're not armed with any information?

As mentioned before, we will gladly jump on a call to explain what all this jargon means and what you can do. If you're more comfortable via email, that’s fine too. Whatever makes your life easier.

The last thing we do is include all this information into a nice detailed report that will be easy to understand.

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