SEO for Industrial Companies

Trying to drive more qualified traffic with SEO to an industrial equipment company website? Already tried other agencies, but not been satisfied with their results? Perhaps you’ve tried to do it yourself, or hired a freelancer, but received less than an ideal ROI.

We’ve discovered that these are just a few situations that commonly occur when industrial equipment companies try to have SEO done for them. Industrial equipment company finds a web design or SEO company that promises results, but in the end the leads simply aren’t coming in.

Sadly, we hear many businesses simply find SEO to be too complex and revert to a single PPC strategy (Google Ads or Bing) to pay their way to the top and get eyeballs on their company today. While there is nothing wrong with this, why not take it a step further and incorporate an SEO strategy to increase brand awareness?

Most industrial equipment companies we’ve had the privilege of working with are tremendously great businesses. However, they lack the time or ability to find the right SEO company & weed out the unqualified ones that can help them grow.

SEO & PPC for Industrial Equipment Companies

Which is why we believe that these industrial companies are successful, the owners are better suited to focus their time & skills on the business.

We did an SEO case study on one of our clients who is an industrial equipment supplier. Before hiring us for the SEO, they used a nationwide SEO agency to handle their SEO & PPC for a year. In the study, you’ll see how Write Good Code got many of their heavy equipment ranked on page 1 in a matter of months!

If you’re a serious industrial business owner, and you understand the need for a custom tailored marketing strategy using SEO & PCC then contact us.

All our clients in the industrial equipment industry have a strong desire to improve their business and we choose to only work with the companies that share this goal.

Local SEO for Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Companies

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Google’s search engine is getting smarter and evolving everyday. What worked yesterday, does not work today. Google My Business and Bing Places are powerful free tools that can drive results fast. Of course, that is if it’s optimized correctly.

Industrial Equipment Business can leverage the power of local SEO to help boost traffic nationally. Once Google understands that your information is useful, they’ll start showing your site more often. This is a bit of an oversimplification, but it should give you a general understanding of how it can help.

Remember, Google wants to look good & help their users solve a problem. If Google notices that users are coming to your site, spending time on it and interacting with your site then that sends signals to the algorithm that you have a useful site.

Small to medium business? No worries, start small and focus on optimizing your Knowledge Panel (what is Knowledge Panel) and Google My Business. Optimize your website to let Google & Bing know where you are. These search engines usually give priority in the Map Pack (click image above to see what Map Pack is) to local businesses. So if your site isn’t ranking high enough in the search engine results, you’ll have a chance to compete locally.

Over time your site will grow it’s traffic and eventually start ranking in search results, which in turn means more leads that you don’t have to pay for every time someone clicks.

Understanding Industrial Businesses

The SEO optimization tactics that work for restaurants or dentists does not work for manufacturing companies. Same as an HVLS fan isn’t the most efficient choice for residential homes (if they even fit). Same hood that works in a restaurant doesn’t work for CNC mist collectors. It may seem obvious to you, but for most computer geeks like us it takes a bit of experience in the industry. Industrial businesses need a different search optimization approach and it’s necessary for someone to have proper knowledge of your industry.

For that reason, understanding which keywords or online strategy your company needs to use in order to gain attention at the lowest cost but highest reward is our primary focus. This is done with experience in the industry with the results to back it up.

A red flag should be when an agency asks for what keywords are you targeting. An industrial equipment SEO agency should ask who is your competition, which equipment is your primary focus, and what is your idea of success.

Although we may not know the specifics of how certain equipment and specialized tools work, we take the time to research and understand it. Then we look at your competitors and see how they are doing and how they are achieving their goals. Using this knowledge, we apply it to your website to get more traffic and qualified leads.

Pay Per Click for Industrial & Manufacturing Companies

Some companies we work with solely work with running their PPC strategy. The ROI is positive, therefore why stop? While we are happy to create, optimize and run a successful PPC campaign. We advise clients to use it in tandem with a up-to-date looking website and SEO optimized content.

While this is a slow grind and takes time; it is very effective. Especially when targeting niche specific items in certain locations.

Imagine ranking organically on the first page, in the Map Pack and using PPC ads. The chances of being clicked on exponentially increases! We make this happen and we are happy to recreate that magic again for your company.

A Different SEO Agency

We are different from traditional SEO agencies in several aspects. Not only how we execute an SEO & PPC strategy, but how we price our services as well. Since March 2020 we’ve been working completely remote. Having done so has reduced our overhead.

Also, we all have several skills. So when clients need a graphic design for branding while also needing web design customization, it doesn’t have to go through several agency channels.

This allows fast turnaround while keeping our costs low in comparison with large agencies. The same developer that put together your branding strategy, and helped build your website can also write compelling articles to inform your potential customers of the benefits of using your industrial equipment through SEO strategies.

Stop flushing money into SEO strategies that don’t work in the industrial manufacturing industry. Contact us today for a free SEO audit and let us show you how we would help you reach your objective.

Perhaps you are currently working with someone but would like a second opinion. We provide feedback at no cost and no hassle. Our goal is to help your company succeed.

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