Catering Website Design & SEO

Park Ave VIP Catering

Complete catering website design and SEO package.

The catering website provides users with basic contact info and menu. The catering company is based out of Orlando, Florida and continues to do organic SEO with us in a very saturated and competitive market.

The site ranks on page 1 for some keywords targeted, so the catering company doesn’t allocate as much of their monthly PPC budget.

catering service seo website design

Website Design Strategy

We wanted to make sure the website had a lot of great features that users wanted. We created a huge online menu, explained the catering services, and types of events Park Ave VIP Catering specialized in. After 2 years it was time for a redesign to incorporate all the new data we gathered. This would ensure the best chance to rank even better.

After the redesign we saw a 11% increase in traffic the first month. That was when we started doing Google My Business posts advertising holiday catering events available. The owner was completely booked for the holidays.

Catering Service SEO

2 years after the catering service website redesign we were asked to come back fix some technical issues. After troubleshooting and repairing the website we noticed some easy wins for Park Ave Catering to improve in rankings.

By leveraging the data collected using analytic tools, we were able to target specific keywords to help improve rankings significantly. Within 2 week we saw a 3x increase clicks and 2x increase in impressions!

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